Our appraisal team is lead by two certified appraisers specializing in personal property appraisals. We have been in the antique and firearms sales for thirty years. 


We are the appraisers for the Department of Revenue. Our teams experience covers firearms, coins, art and business appraisals.

We offer full coverage  fair market or replacement value appraisals  that are professional, court ready, simple  one page appraisals.


The appraisals can be prepared for insurance, divorce, estate executors, business liquidation, bankruptcies, landlord compensation, IRS and donations. We are members of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA),  Arizona National Appraisers Association and we are appraisers for the Department of Revenue. We perform appraisals throughout the Southwest. 

  Please contact us for appraisals services at 

928-445-6787, or visit us at our gallery in downtown Prescott, AZ.